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Cactus Creek Daily Blog
Best of Show 2008  

CODY HIGH STYLE {2008}: Dan McPhail

Guest blogger, Diana Friend, brings us more stories today from the Cody High Style event that took place in September. This one is about the man who won it all this year ~ Cody High Style Best in Show!! Congrats…

Dan McPhail sure looks like a western cowboy, with his rodeo-creased hat and faded chambray shirt and blue jeans. But when Diane Ross introduced me to Dan, I heard a twang not usually found west of the Mississippi. That is because he is a Kentucky cowboy that has been designing western antler-art accented furniture, accessories and sculptures, seven-days a week, for over 20-years.

2008 award

“I had not been out west,” explains McPhail, tipping his hat to the back of his head. “So when I built my first antler chandelier, I thought I had invented the concept—boy was I disappointed when discover I hadn’t (invented antler chandeliers).”

So, even though he had not been influenced by other’s antler creations, he learned that creating each piece is “elk challenged” he strives to create something that reflects simple western design. He conquered the challenge this year with his $8500, polished-antler Pedicle chaise lounge, upholstered in pale green leather {ABOVE} winning the 2008 Cody High Style Best of Show Award. Of course, he began winning design awards back in 1996.