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moose antler chair

Antler Chair Before

I put more time in each piece than anyone else is willing to do. To me, I feel that
time is less important than the finished product.

Dan MacPhail and Spooner
Spooner Hemingway MacPhail 
moose antler chair
Antler Chair After

I build the Highest Quality Antler Furniture Available
moose antler chair  

When interviewed, I am always asked what is the best piece you've ever made. I always answer, my next one.
Dan MacPhail Buffing Polishing Antler
My Dog Bentley
big and lovable

Dustin a young bull
Dustin my Scottish Highland Bull

Chairs are so soft and comfortable because I massage them every day! Just kidding, you can't eat anything you named.

young girl asleep on my horn chair
My Chairs are so comfortable this young gal fell right to sleep in one

Master Colton Dorchuck

colton helping with an antler

Future Anthropologist, Paleontologist, Marine Biologist, Soldier of Fortune, Bon Vivant & Combat Aviator Extraordinaire.

highland bull
Highland Bull

Senator Allen Simpson, of Wyoming

Former US Senator Allen Simpson, of Wyoming
enjoying my chair.


Showroom Locations

High Country Designs
720 Main St.
Frisco, Colorado

Four Emotions
Palace Hotel
St.Moritz Switzerland

Showrooms in Saint Moritz, Switzerland and Colorado

Video of Elk Antler Floor Lamp With Light Dimmer

Video of Antler Ceiling Fan

Making a Christmas Tree From Field & Streams Article and Video

If thereís one thing people canít say about Dan MacPhail, itís that he doesnít have a sense of humor. I mean he has to carry a certain degree of hilarity to install a shop door derived straight from Tolkienís
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University of Texas Article

UT fan Danial MacPhail sent in this photo of a Longhorn chair he handcrafted. MacPhail says he has been building chairs using real horns for about 25 years, since he moved from Denton County, Texas, to Washington D.C. (he now lives in Kentucky). A bout of Texas nostalgia prompted him to have the horns shipped East, providing the material for his first Longhorn chair
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ut article